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is the company where you can find huge collection of nepalese & tibetan handicraft.Handicraft is also known as craftwork or simply a craft which is a type of work where useful ritual and decoration items are made completely by hand or using simple hand tools, still today we are always aware of maintaining the centuries old traditions in its original form so, our products usually carry cultural and religious significance, qualitative goods. More ]
The bell representing the female aspects. Stands for "Prajna" of "wisdom". This is held in the left hand Dorje held in the right and they are always used in combination during the religious ceremonies.
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Ghau is a portable shrine in which an image of the owner's personal deity (Ishta Devata) is kept wrapped in silk cloth. Most Tibetans used Ghau at home and during travelling.  More |
Metal Statue
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Singing Bowls
What is singing bowl? It is one of the ritual objects of Tibetan. It has therapeutic value as well. It is use of sound meditation, healing and prayer and secrets of the singing bowls by Tibetan monks.
Singing bowl also known as Tibetan or Nepalese singing bowls-and the special sounds they make called sound massage. More |
Prayer Wheel
It is a exclusive Buddhist praying instruments which always bears the mystical word "OM MANE PADME HUM" numbering six syllables in the mantra of Avaloiteswara. The syllabes are carved outside the wheel as well as kept inside the wheel printed in the paper in numerous number. When it turns one round it means the mantra is read how much mantra has kept inside the wheel. More |
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