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is the company where you can find huge collection of nepalese & tibetan handicraft.Handicraft is also known as craftwork or simply a craft which is a type of work where useful ritual and decoration items are made completely by hand or using simple hand tools, still today we are always aware of maintaining the centuries old traditions in its original form so, our products usually carry cultural and religious significance, qualitative goods.

In the course fo time, there has been a big increase in the varieties of Nepalese Handicrafts and as such our export destinations has also increased.
We exports mainly have been to Germany, France, Italy, Japan, U.S.A, Australia and other various European countries.
We are the member of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Handicraft Association of Nepal. We are registered under the HMG government of Nepal.

About our products:-
* Metal Product
* Wood Product
* Stone Product

Most of the items we deal in are made by manual labour or applying small tools and machines.
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